Mental health in schools programme ©


Can you really put a price on your child`s mental health & development ?  Positive Mental Health is one of the most important parts of a childs' development and this  is why I have developed the 

Mental Heath In Schools Programme (MHISP)© 

Because so many school children are failing,  it also means their education and wellbeing is suffering  and they struggle to adapt to school life and life in general.    There is generally much more focus on  physical health, but not so much on mental health, because a sound & healthy mind is also important for a persons development. I aim to make an impact that will change the way people think and feel about themselves in a more positive way, which can produce noticeable differences in just a few short weeks, simply by using the Mental Heath In Schools Programme (MHISP)© 



If you, or your students are struggling with any of these issues, we can help overcome them 

in just 6 to 8 weeks using the Mental Heath In Schools Programme (MHISP)© 

  • Not seeing the importance of education
  • Finds it difficult to follow routines
  • Lacks self esteem
  • Having negative attitude
  • Lacks organisational skills
  • Suffers from anxiety
  • Is forgetful
  • Gives up easily
  • Lacks a sense of responsibility
  • Lacks self-confidence
  • Is addicted to texting, gaming, social media, YouTube, etc.  



With the Mental Health In Schools Programme  ©,  I offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the individual  needs of the child or pupil, with noticeable differences in just 6-8 weeks.   Please see below for details.

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Mental Health In Schools Programme ( mhisp) ©

Are you a School Principal, Teacher or Parent wanting to invest for a better life for your child or pupil and getting them to fulfill their true potential ?  Then you will definitely  want to know about the Mental Health In Schools Programme  ©  

My commitment is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts and behaviors that  undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge.         With  extensive experience in Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy, the MHISP   ©   will help you attain your goals. 


What is The Mental Health In Schools Programme ?

The Mental Health In Schools Programme (MHISP)©,  is a programme which uses  life coaching and/or clinical hypnotherapy  in educational settings, to support and improve the learning and general wellbeing of pupils.     By using strategies and methods that are designed specifically to challenge the childs' mental wellbeing,  significant improvements can be made in all areas of the childs'  school and home life . 

It can be delivered individually for specific issues, or in small groups  for general issues,  such as exam anxiety.   Every child is different,  and my role would be simply to act as a neutral party and bridge of support between home and school to assist the tutors in making their lessons less disruptive, by engaging with the school to identify students who could benefit from individual coaching and/or hypnotherapy. 

 I would liaise with both parents & tutors to establish a strategy that would benefit the student both at home and at school.   

What is hypnotherapy and Life Coaching?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses deep relaxation combined with other techniques (i.e. guided imagery, therapeutic story-telling, direct suggestions, ego boosting) to help elicit changes in thinking, feeling and behaviour. Clinical hypnotherapy uses techniques and strategies for therapeutic benefit and in conjunction with life coaching, is a very effective solution for dealing with many issues.  

What can MHISP help with?

Hypnotherapy and mind coaching can help with a wide range of mental health issues such as:


Low self-esteem / low confidence

Poor motivation / Concentration / Focus

Anxiety / Exam anxiety

Behaviour issues


Fears & Phobias

Panic attacks, 

Self-harming behaviours

Sleeping difficulties 

Eating difficulties 

Does it matter what religious beliefs a pupil has?

No it doesn’t matter. Hypnotherapy and coaching does not subscribe to any one set of beliefs (religious, cultural, moral or spiritual) and works alongside the specific beliefs systems of each pupil at an individual level.

How does it affect the pupil?

The pupil remains safe and in control at all times. It is a fun and enjoyable experience that most pupils usually enjoy engaging fully with.  It helps pupils change / control the way they think, feel and behave about things and themselves,  both directly related to the issue they were referred for and in general. Pupils learn valuable skills and strategies to help manage themselves and deal with situations more effectively so that their general wellbeing  and behaviour can improve, and freeing up their minds has a benefit to their learning .    Hypnotherapy can be very effective with children/young people who can easily access their imagination and generally respond well to the techniques. 

What Guarantees are there ?

Just like any kind of interventions or therapies, there is no guarantee that MHISP will completely solve the issue you refer the pupil for. Everyone is different and have different levels of acceptance and understanding.

How do I access MHISP?

Contact us using the contact details tab at the top of this page.  We will then be in touch  and arrange an assessment session to meet the pupil, check he/she is suitable, and answer any questions you or the pupil  may have.  We can then discuss and agree on what the best course of action would be going forward. 

How will I know how the pupil has got on?

A brief summary report will be written when the intervention finishes. A feedback meeting with principals, teachers, parents/carers can be arranged if requested.

Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions can be carried out either in the home (if the client is private) or within the school.  If the sessions are to be held inside the school, then It is ESSENTIAL that an allocated room/space, with fully operational CCTV is available that is private and as quiet as possible. If the sessions are to be held at home, then it is also essential that an allocated room, or quiet area is available and at least one parent present at all times. throughout the sessions. 


Full Support

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting growth for you or your pupils.   I tailor make the sessions to suit individual needs and by providing weekly targets and assessments, it provides real time information on progress being made.