About Us

My name is Philip Arundell.  Dip.Hyp. MHSH,  Life Coach &  Certified Hypnotherapist and founder of the 

Mental Health In Schools Programme ( MHISP)   ©

I am dedicated to providing  friendly and constructive solutions to promote positive Mental Health In Schools for children and young adults, through coaching and/or hypnotherapy, allowing the child or pupil to reach their true potential.  

As a qualified Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, I have helped many adults over the years with a wide range of issues at my practice in the UK.  I started to also work with school children and through a combination of  positive strategies, that include hypnotherapy and life coaching, the results achieved were nothing short of remarkable.  You see younger people have the natural ability to learn  ( even if the don`t realize they are learning ) and are keen to try out new and fun things.  My MHISP is built around the requirements of the individual pupil and provides fun, easy to follow strategies that fit in with their normal school & home life routines.     Through the combination of life coaching and/or hypnotherapy,  positive and effective changes can be made in just a few short weeks.  With additional sessions being an option, the effects can be truly life changing.

Why not message me right now, and get your child or pupil started on the path to living a life that they will love ?.   We can all work together and plan to get them on their way to enjoying this journey.    Together, we will help them realize their goals and provide them with the skills and confidence  for them to achieve exactly what they want and more 


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