Here are just a few testimonials :



After seeing one of Philip`s presentations on Mental Health awareness and the explanation he gave about the Free My Mind Programme, we approached Philip and asked if he could offer us any help with our 12 year old son, who lacked concentration at school, couldn`t stay on task, lacked motivation, falling behind with his schoolwork etc etc.  Philip offered a 6 week intervention, and although the programme lasted about 9 weeks, the results were just brilliant.  

Our son has shown significant improvement in his school work, concentration and staying on task etc.   He is now receiving positive feedback and reports from the school and also shown improvement in his personal confidence too, which is just great. Even the school have praised him on his improved attitude.  

Mas & Philip Brown.  December 2018


My 13 year old daughter was going through a bad time after her dad and myself split up 2 years ago.  She would regularly go on a room wrecking spree and verbally abuse myself and the school staff and I just did not know what to do with her. She would always regret it afterwards, would hug me and say sorry, which was heartbreaking.  I approached the doctors and other "specialists" who said they would send her for tests, and perhaps needed medication, which I wasn`t 100% happy about doing.   I happened to be speaking to Philip about doing a presentation at my local spiritual church about hypnotherapy, and during the conversation he told me about the Free My Mind Programme.   I felt I had met finally someone who could maybe help my daughter.  He came to see her once a week and taught her some breathing exercises to do when she felt an attack coming on, he also carried out some hypnotherapy which helped her in so many ways.  I would say within about 5 weeks, she showed significant improvement in her behaviour.  She actually started being a nice loving girl again, started taking pride in herself and going out with friends again.

T.B     March 2018